Asher David Wilcox

July 10, 2009 ~ April 25, 2023 (age 13) 13 Years Old


Asher Wilcox upgraded his user account from Earthen Mortal to Divine Being effective April 25, 2023.

Born July 10th, 2009, to Menolly and Brian Wilcox, he is the 3rd in a series of boys and the 5th member of the Amazing Wilcox Adventuring Party, whose travels include Hawaii, up I-5, Ireland, Faerûn, Tyria and more.

Asher’s digital indoctrination began early. He was given a Minecraft account from year one and probably logged more hours than most of us dedicate to doctorate degrees. While he started out as the little twerp who lit buildings on fire with lava, he recently completed his masters in mod-ology and “breaking the game”-istics . Always attentive to elements layered within a game, he was a huge fan of the soundtrack to Dead Cells and Shovel Knight. Lately more complex and competitive games were attracting his attention, but breaking games like Terraria and Scrap Mechanic was where he found pure joy. Modding piqued his interest in programming. The absolute power of writing python code to overthrow corrupt governments and oligarchs definitely appealed to him. Unfortunately, his server time was up before he could complete that skill tree.

Just in the last few years, as Asher transitioned from being homeschooled by his patient mother into “online private school”, he proved to be an avid learner and proficient student. Always one to appreciate a good dad-joke, his vocabulary for such punny employment expanded rapidly in his Language Arts classes. He loved both the people and the content there. Having a mouth full of new words and being able to “go full data dump” on the assignment while getting class credit for it was the most delicious thing for him. As a veritable walking wikipedia on esoteric fantasy, video game, YouTuber lore and mythology, Asher loved to have someone to nerd out with. When he was younger, he could often be distracted by being asked a question that required a complex answer, which he would give in lurid detail.

In 2022 the Amazing Wilcox Adventuring Party went abroad. Asher found an appreciation for international travel. What was the allure for him? The quest for the best Ham and Cheese sandwich in all of Ireland. It was in Galway of course.

In February 2023, Asher failed a crucial constitution saving throw and entered Challenge Mode. He developed an autoimmune response that resulted in many much pokes from a doctrine of doctors and a comfort of nurses. He logged more time in the hospital than he would wish upon the ugliest of BBEGs. While 2023 was his concluding mortal year, it was by far his most glorious. In keeping with his affection for that mouthful of delicious words, he built up a list of collective nouns for the different disciplines of medical professionals who had become his professional friends. What do you call a collection of hematologists? A pool of course. What about a rash of dermatologists? Or a forbiddance of oncologists. 2023 was an awakening year. He faced his demons with steadfast faith and kindness. Truly his namesake being blessed and happy.

May we always remember his impact on our lives, his courage in his adversities, and his clever use of purple refrigerator goats. All are encouraged to write out a story of an interaction with Asher and send it to his personal email address. If there is anything you feel you left unsaid, or you just want to say goodbye, that’s the place for it. If you don’t have the email address, contact his parents, they’ll happily share.

To celebrate his life, we will be holding AsherCon ( on May 20th from noon to 2pm. Rather than sending flowers or cash, Asher would appreciate donations to Child's Play (, a non-profit focusing on providing games to children in the hospital.

See you in the next chapter my friend.


May 20, 2023

12:00 PM
Ustick & Ten Mile Chapel - The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
2515 W. Ustick Rd.
Meridian, ID


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