Barbara Ashton McCoy

December 29, 1962 ~ July 28, 2019 (age 56)


DECEMBER 29, 1962 ~ JULY 28, 2019

Laid to Rest, Kuna Idaho Cemetery
Barbara requested to be buried in Kuna, where her husband’s Uncle Bob is buried.

Seven Tributes about Barbara’s Life - All of these are important to Barbara


Barbara and I were Married and Sealed for Time and Eternity in the Salt Lake Temple June 19, 1991. Before we got married, I told Barbara that we were not going to be one of those couples that celebrate our One-Month Anniversary and Two-Month Anniversary, etc. On July 20, 1991, Barbara leaned over and said, “Today is our One-Month Anniversary.” I laughed and told her: “I don’t know who you got married to, but I got married on June 19.” I was able to use that mistake for 27 years. A guy should be so lucky.

I have three older girls, Cori, Julie and Lori, and Barbara and I have two children of our own, Kimberly and Rodney Jr. Barbara treated them all the same. They have provided us with 10 Grandkids and 2 Great-Grandkids. From before Barbara and I got married, Barbara thought of these kids the same as our kids. Barbara always treated them just like her own. We have spent many Holidays, Vacations, Baptisms, Sealings, and visits with them. She has been there to talk to them, give them advice and whatever.

Barbara loves her Family, and Barbara loves the Church, the Prophet and all of the Church leaders. She loved her Country and was one of the most Patriotic citizens of this Country. Barbara looked at the Constitution as one of the most important documents ever written and believed in it completely. Barbara believed that the Second Amendment of the Constitution was one of the most important Amendments of the 10 Amendments. Barbara has had a Concealed Weapons Permit for 20 years or more. Barbara is a Benefactor Life Member of the National Rifle Association (NRA), which is the highest Life Membership you can hold in the NRA. She would carry a Smith and Wesson Model 60, 38 Special, when she traveled, not on an airplane though, Norm. (Read Norm’s Tribute to Barbara and you will see what this means.) Barbara, Kimberly and Rodney Jr. went to a Church function in Utah and were camping in a park. In the middle of the night, several people started messing with the tent. She was there with two little kids. She yelled out to the people and said, “I have a gun and a cell phone and you better leave.” They left immediately. She wasn’t kidding about the gun or the cell phone, and she knew how to use both. I will miss her, Rod McCoy


My name is Norm Varin, and I had the privilege to work with Barb McCoy. I was her supervisor for a few years and then her colleague. I’m honored to give those who read about Barb a little about how she impacted my life and those she worked with.

I learned a lot from Barb about work and life. Barb was committed to her family and excellence in her work and, most importantly, in that order.

As her supervisor and colleague, Barb was probably the hardest working person I’ve ever met. Barb worked from home so that she could take care of her family needs. I’m not aware of a time where she was unable to complete her work responsibilities; she definitely would get the work done at all times of the day and especially night.

Barb had a helpful heart. If anyone had a problem, and I mean anyone at work, and there was some remote possibility of solving the problem using Excel then Barb would make it happen. And fast. I recall a hallway conversation with Barb when I first started work and making mention of “it would be really neat if we could have this type of a solution.” My comment was more of an aspiration about what could be done given resources and time. The next morning Barb sent me the solution. That was amazing but also led to making sure we are clear that if I dreamt something, she didn’t need to make it reality.

I know within the walls of PacificSource and Primary Health, Barb would solve people’s problems and make their work better. It wasn’t in her job description, but it was who she was and what she did. She was always working with other departments and teams to automate a process and make people’s lives easier.

Here’s one example from Ann Burquist (who worked with Barb even longer than I did): Barbara McCoy was my Excel wizard, and I know she performed her magic for many at PacificSource. When she made the decision to leave PacificSource, it was not easy finding a replacement let alone someone who could do the things she did and possess the knowledge she had. Barbara solved so many problems and made work automatic by the touch of her macro buttons. I told her that each time I press that SIMPLE button, I would think of her…always.

Barb was also cheerful, all the time. I can’t think of a time where she wouldn’t express herself without a smile or an encouragement. Even in times where she would challenge me and express her concern about having too much to do, it was with grace and humility. I know it taught me a lot about respect, clear communication and positive attitude.

Barb was dedicated. If there was a company event, she was there. She worked from home, but I’m guessing she attended more events than most of the people who actually worked on site. Barb wanted to support fellow employees and charitable organizations.

Barb was strong. She was given bad news that cancer was in her brain. For someone so incredibly bright and young, it is possibly the worst news. Two and one-half years ago, she was told she had months to live, and yet she looked at her children and knew she needed to be there for them and to see them graduate. She did. She never complained once about the pain or the disability and was thankful for the opportunity to see her children blossom into young adults.

Barb cared about others. When she first discovered her illness, it had already changed her physically. She wanted people to remember her without her illness since she was concerned about how her deterioration might cause them discomfort. Yet she was still gracious to allow a few of us to spend time with her. She loved updates about work and how her former colleagues were doing.

Barb was an optimist. Very rarely would she need to travel for work. On one occasion, Barb called me from the airport with a bit of panic. She had forgotten her ID and didn’t know if she could get through security. Then she got excited as she had thought she had solved the problem and told me it would be okay since she had another form of identification with her that should work - her concealed weapons permit! I don’t recall how that worked out, but it did.

There will never be another Barb McCoy. I’m truly blessed, honored and privileged to have worked with and known her. Thanks to her family for allowing me to spend time with her during the last part of her journey.


Even though I was the little sister and Barbara had graduated and moved out while I was still in grade school, she made sure I knew that she cared about me. She was always there to give advice on jobs, cars, and money. If I could describe Barbara in one word it would be GO!. No ready. No set. Just GO! Barbara did everything at full speed! Barbara loved to shop, and the old saying Shop 'Til You Drop was very accurate in her case. She would take me shopping until I would drop, and she still had hours left in her! Clothes were one of her favorite things to shop for, and she did her best to help me in my fashion woes. She was sure to let me know when something I picked out was too bold or didn't flatter my shape! She was careful not to be mean about it and tried to help me be sensible. I had and still have no fashion sense, but she did her best to help! I'm sure when she looks down from Heaven, she will be shaking her head at some of the wardrobe choices I have made. Love you, Barbara!


Barbara Ashton McCoy passed away on July 28, 2019, from a valiant battle with a Brain Tumor at the age of 56. She was born on December 29, 1962, in Payson, Utah to Karl Milton and Marie Gammon Ashton. Her formative years were spent in Spring Lake, Utah, where the family had a small fruit farm. She worked hard, together with her family, and learned a great work ethic. She also became an accomplished seamstress. Barbara had a brilliant mind and excelled in many educational ventures, graduating as Payson High School Valedictorian. She attended Brigham Young University graduating in Accounting. She lived a life full of service, including a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Fukuoka, Japan Mission. She married Rodney Bryon McCoy on June 19, 1991, in the Salt Lake Temple. Together, they had two children, Kimberly Charlene McCoy and Rodney McCoy Jr.

She is survived by her husband and children. From Barbara’s side of the family: her mother Marie Ashton and 8 siblings, Carolyn (Mark) Woffinden, Joann (Brandon) Kirk, LaRae (Samuel) Bellows, Ronald (Jennifer) Ashton, Julianne (Troy) Griffith, Paul (Jeannie) Ashton, Marianne (Joseph) Aguilar and Michael (Wendy) Ashton, including all of their children. From Rod’s side of the family: his mother Charlene McCoy Leno, Tim (Sandy) McCoy, Alayna McCoy, Cori (Dee) Steinfeldt, Kendall Maine (Robin Boswell), Julie Maine (Matt Nelsen) and Lori (Victor) Hohne, including all of their children. She was preceded in death by her grandparents Ray and Pauline Sumsion Gammon, Clarence D and Anna Margaret Spotten Ashton, her father Karl Ashton, her Uncle-in-law Bob and her Brother-in-law Chuck.


Barbara and I met in cub scouts. Barbara was passionate about scouting. She brought an energy that elevated everything we did. She decided as a service project that the boys should do a Christmas pageant at the Alpine Assisted Living. She wrote the program, assigned the parts, organized the music, with Kimberly playing the piano, and drafted one of the boy’s sisters to be Mary. The residents, employees and the boys loved it. The boys presented each resident with Christmas cards they had made. It was a great success.

Barbara made sure each boy finished the requirements and received his awards. She also encouraged leaders to receive awards, two special awards including the Family History Award and The Thomas S. Monson award. The Family History award was planned and organized by the older scouts so they too could earn the award.

The Thomas S. Monson Medal was only available in 2013 as part of the 100-year Celebration of Cub Scouting. On the back of the medal is this quote from President Monson:

Look to the lighthouse of the Lord
There is no fog so dense
No night so dark
No gale so strong
No mariner so lost
But what the beacon of light can reach.

I think that sums up Barbara’s testimony, which she shared in everything she said and did.

Barbara was my visiting teacher for years, and she ministered to me. She called every Wednesday and came to visit every month and frequently took me out for ice cream. We had great gospel discussions. I learned a lot from Barbara about loving and living life to the fullest.


While Barb and I knew each other a short time, we had good, fun times together. My husband, Paul, and I moved to Boise last year. We had been friends with Barb's brother-in-law, Tim McCoy, for many years. Paul and Rod became friends over the phone and, after we moved, we met Rod and Barb on several occasions. I asked Paul to ask Rod if there was anything we could do to help given Barb's illness. Rod said that Barb would like to go shopping. And so we did. Every few weeks Barb and I would shop and go to lunch. Barb was always happy and frequently found things to laugh about on our excursions. She told me stories of growing up in Utah, doing missionary work in Japan, becoming an accountant, meeting Rod and raising children. When speaking of her illness, she said, "I have had a happy life.” I believe that summed up her attitude in the face of great tribulation. It was the reason she was still able to find joy in the small things of life like shopping and lunch. I greatly admired Barb's attitude. I learned a lot from her. Someday I hope to shop with her again in some awesome places.


Barbara was the grandma I always looked forward to visiting. Every time our family visited, Barbara always had something fun for us to do, and she wanted to have a good time with everyone.

I remember all of the times I came up to visit for a couple weeks, Barbara always made sure I was comfortable, would talk to me, and suggest some fun things we could do. If I ever got homesick, or missed my parents, she was always there for me and did whatever was necessary to make me feel better.

I can remember her taking me to the zoo, and I had so much fun. She let me decide what animals we would go see, let me do fun activities at the zoo, and even let me get a fox stuffed animal at the gift shop that I still keep in my room on my shelf. I also was able to go to Barbara’s mom’s house and to the Payson temple, which was such an amazing experience. Barbara was so sweet, kind, thoughtful, and the coolest grandma anyone could ask for. I admired her and will always love her.

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